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CoolPix 5700 INFRARED
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Infrared with the CoolPix 4500 page
A Filter adapter for the CoolPix 5700 is available from Bernie Heins
It was a perfect day to shoot infrared with white puffy clouds and a blue sky.
There seems to be a hot spot but it's not as defined as the CoolPix 5000 has. The camera is still useable for infrared. It might be vignetting from the zoom setting.

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CoolPix 5700 Infrared
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My Procedure
The camera was set to 100 ISO and a 46mm 88A filter from Harrison and Harrison was used. I held the filter reversed in front of the lens so it fit, being careful not to get my fingers in the pictures. But I did so there were a few that I had to delete. I also had to delete some images from camera movement. Though I had the camera mounted on a tripod, I was putting pressure against the front of the lens to hold the filter in place.
If I were to do it now, I would use the filter adapter from Bernie Heins to position the infrared filter in front of the lens.
The camera definitely has infrared sensitivity. Most importantly was that the 5700 (and the 4500) didn't exhibit the same defined hot spot that I documented with the CoolPix 5000. But the images do appear to be lighter in the center.
Photoshop actions taken on the black and white images were identical and limited to:
Auto Levels
Image>Adjust>Hue and Saturation>Desaturate
Resize to 400 pixels long dimensions
Add Copyright
Unsharp Mask on the image layer
Save for the Web
CoolPix 5700 Infrared
CoolPix 5700 Infrared

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