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The CoolPix 5700 Filter Adapter from Bernie Heins

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The filter holder shown snapped onto the front of the CoolPix 5700 lens

CP5700 - 46mm Thread Adapter (Part # NP0019)
CP5700 - 49mm Thread Adapter (Part # NP0020)
CP5700 - 52mm Thread Adapter (Part # NP0021)

Use 46mm, 49mm or 52mm filters and protect the lens of your CP5700 by attaching this snap on threaded adapter. The adaptor has a o-ring which will snap into the lens cap holding groove on the front of the camera lens. It does come off but not easily enough for it to fall off and damage the lens. There is no vignetting using a single filter but if you use two filters or a Circular Polarizer there is a bit of vignetting at the widest lens setting. This adaptor fits inside the Coolfix Variable adaptor or the UR-E8. A lens cap in the size (standard size) of the filter holder will be needed. For use with filters only! Do not use with accessory lenses.

Check out Bernie's web site for other custom CoolPix accessories.

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