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INFRARED Comparison of the CoolPix 4500 to the CoolPix 950
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The CoolPix 950 was Nikon's last camera that had true infrared sensitivity.
The left column has CoolPix 4500 images, the right has CoolPix 950 images.
All are labeled on the image itself with my copyright and camera used.

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Sorry for the horizontal scrolling some people may experience but I wanted the pictures to run side by side and still be large enough to make visual judgments
My Procedure
Each camera was set to 100 ISO and fitted with an 88A filter from Harrison and Harrison. At higher ISO settings there appear digital artifacts and noise. I used a tripod for each picture and the Xtend-a-View LCD finder to match composition.
The finder on the 4500 did not show the images in preview as well as the finder as the 950 but there is definitely enough sensitivity to warrant the cost of an infrared filter. Also noted that all images were sharp which is important because it's been reported that some infrared images from the CoolPix 990 and 995 weren't sharp. I wouldn't recommend purchasing the camera on it's infrared capability alone, but it's a nice bonus and I'm sure we'll be seeing some creative images out there from the 4500. Most importantly was that the 4500 didn't exhibit the same hot spot that I documented with the CoolPix 5000. Finally it looks like the 4500 doesn't have the sensitivity I need for my Color Infrared images.
Photoshop actions taken on the black and white images were identical and limited to:
Auto Levels
Image>Adjust>Hue and Saturation>Desaturate
Resize to 400 pixels long dimensions
Add Copyright
Unsharp Mask on the image layer
Save for the Web

CoolPix 4500

CoolPix 950

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