Seminars for artists and arts organizations
by Larry Berman

I'll be a speaker at the ZAPP conference in St. Louis

The Importance of
Great Looking Digital Jury Images
 Why Great Digital Jury Images are more important than ever
and how to stay competitive in the changing art show world

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My digital imaging services will be given as a door prize
to one lucky attendee - $140 value*
 - only at the seminars that I'm paid to present -
(*includes five images, uploading to ZAPP and a CD mailed back to you)

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Bruce Baker and Larry Berman Seminar at the Pensacola Museum of Art
Bruce Baker and Larry Berman
Pensacola Museum of Art - 15 June 2007

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The "Going Digital" seminar with Larry Berman and Bruce Baker was a great success! The seminar drew in over a 100 artists from the NW Florida region including many members of the Pensacola Museum of Art. Due to Larry Berman's wonderful presentation, our members are more actively engaged and accurately informed on how to best prepare their digital images for the jurying process. Leah L. Griffin, Assistant Curator, Pensacola Museum of Art

Dear Larry, It was our greatest fortune this past weekend, at the annual Best of Missouri Hands ArtSmart Conference, to have you as our guest speaker. Your sessions on ZAPP, digital imaging, and the jury process were superb. Perhaps one of the most valuable eye openers of your expertise shared with us was the demonstration of how to take (what many mistakenly believed to be great) jury images from mediocre to masterful. It was as if we had been driving in a darkened tunnel and suddenly reentered electrifying life and color! Applying this knowledge will absolutely heighten our confidence and edge when now submitting images to art shows and galleries. Thank you! Thank you for so successfully helping to create a sensational weekend with your wisdom and wit! The door to our organization will always be flung wide open for your return. Kathleen Weltzin BOMH Juried Artist and Board Member

What the artists say about the seminars

What the artists say about my digital imaging services

Hire me to prepare your images for submission
I can meet all show deadlines if notified in advance

Many artists express concern about how their work appears in a digital jury environment, whether digitally projected or viewed on monitors. This seminar will give you answers that will either get you up to speed digitizing your own images, or allow you to knowledgeably hire others to prepare your work properly.
Either working from scanned slides or using a digital camera, every image (film or digital) needs post processing. The seminar takes you through using Photoshop or Elements to correct color, adjust contrast, and convert color space so your images appear accurate to you and to others. Then how to resize and format so your images are optimized for the shows you want to apply to. There is even discussion on how to have 35mm slides made from your digital files.
What's more important than an excellent jury slide or image? Your overall presentation and how your images work together. The seminar walks you through examining and creating a uniform jury presentation that can give you a better chance of being accepted into the shows you want to apply to.

Before and After Examples that Don’t Compromise the Art

Contact me if you have a problem image that would be good for a demo

1 Photoshop and Elements work flow that walk the viewer through all the steps necessary in creating a great looking digital image that matches the original art.
2 How to shoot your own digital jury images and get accurate color
3 The difference between ZAPP and Juried Art Services formatted images, and how to convert your ZAPP images to apply to shows like Reston and the Smithsonian Craft Show
4 Before and after examples of images showing how they can be substantially improved
5 Separating 3D work from a dark graduated background
6 Bringing out brush stroke detail in dark paintings
7 Examples of different ways to improve your booth image
8 Taking advantage of the square (1920 pixel) ZAPP image space
9 Improving your overall presentation - how horizontals, verticals and square images relate
10 Color Spaces and Monitor Calibration
11 How to convert an image to the sRGB color space in Elements
12 How to get good looking 35mm slides from your digital files
13 Products you can purchase to help your digital photography and improve your skills with Photoshop or Elements

Learn how to set up a profile, upload images, and apply to participating art shows

What the artists say about the seminars

Mary Kuilema, president WMPG
Thank you for the wonderful presentation at your digital imaging workshop for the West Michigan Potters Guild. The information was excellent given the challenge of such a wide range of skill levels.

Nina Schenck
I learned a lot from you at the seminar in Ft. Worth last week. Thank you for all the tips on improving images for online jury selection.

Lauran Sundin
I learned a lot from your seminar in Naples last weekend. The information was presented in a clear, thorough way and was easy to follow. But what is more important is that I want to be an artist and I learned that I can turn to a professional like you for my digital imaging needs. I’m not computer literate and am happy having people like you out there to simplify my life.

Bill Lathrop
"Ok, I thought I knew most of the issues surrounding digital images and posting to Zapp. Went to Larry's seminar in Ft Myers last night - very good. It turns out I was missing some key stuff - maybe that is why I've been getting a lot of rejections lately. I saw my work projected, and it just didn't pop - I can understand why a jury wouldn't be impressed. So, afterward I made some changes to my files and I think they may now look a lot better. My point, even those who are pretty experienced with this stuff may want to consider going - it was well worth the time and minimal expense."

Charles Bush
"You're doing a great service with the seminars and do a great job of bringing it to a level that most of the folks can understand."

Robert Bridenbaugh
"Between going to your seminar, and working with the information I was able to download from your web site, applying to the shows using ZAPP was a piece of cake."

Stephen Kostyshyn
"Excellent seminar! Very useful for both the novice or experienced with digital imaging. A "must do" on every professional artists "to do" list. Even if you plan to hire out your image work this seminar will give you the basic tools you will need to choose the person you plan to hire. If your images are already complete it is an excellent opportunity to view your images as the jury will see them. I highly recommend taking the time to attend one of these sessions."

Ellen Cocose
"I attended Larry’s digital jury seminar at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and found it to be extremely professional. He presented the information on how to prepare digital images for Zapp in an easy to follow, step by step method, using Photoshop screen captures and images projected on a large screen with his digital projector. In the same manner, Larry also went through the process of registering with Zapp, uploading images, and applying to the shows. Those of us who brought our digital jury images on a CD had the benefit of seeing them projected in a slide show format, using the Roku and Digital projector. As part of the slide show, Larry included digital jury images that he prepared for some artists (with their permission). They were very impressive. Larry’s seminar was an invaluable experience. I would urge everybody to attend one. Thank you, Larry, for giving a terrific seminar, and thanks to Beth Hoffman for hosting it."

Aletha Jones
"I attended your excellent seminal in Milwaukee last night. I want to tell you how impressed I was with your presentation and with your insights and knowledge into an arena that is so foreign to me. The step-by-step development of the various artists' works in your capable hands was particularly impressive, like watching a painting develop on the canvas. Thank you for holding the seminar."

Walt Pinkus
"Of the many unanswered questions about this new jury process, one of the most frequently-asked is "what will my digitized images look like when they are projected for the Selection Jury?" Larry Berman has jumped in on that one. He has bought a digital projector with the same specifications as the model slated for use in the digital jury system. He is putting on seminars where people can get questions answered and see their own images projected. I attended his seminar and it was quite informative. I recommend that anyone with a direct interest in this, or likely to be assigned the role of "local guru" should sign up for Larry's seminar."

Kathleen Eaton
"I attended the Toledo seminar and really felt everyone should try to get to one of these events." "Seeing my images projected was of the greatest importance."

Sarah Rishel
"Dispels some of the fear and myths about where we're headed in digital jurying."

Mary Margaret Sweeney
"Now there are at least 35 of us, artists and craftsmen, trying to get on board with this digital application thing, who are better informed than we were before we attended Larry Berman's seminar in Armonk."

Carol Boucher
"With Larry's help, I processed my own images in advance using Photoshop Elements program. The colors were more accurate than I have been able to achieve in film slides. I also got to see other artists' work projected, then walked the show on Sunday and compared. The true colors in their artwork were present in the digital images. Seeing your own images projected on this system is invaluable. Well processed images look rich, closer to the originals than I could have imagined. But the images must be processed properly-this is no different than getting the correct exposure, focus, etc. with film slides."

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