Seminars for artists and arts organizations
by Larry Berman

The intrinsic vs. extrinsic value of art and how you can give your art more value through marketing
Differences between print and internet marketing and what each can do for you
Examples of publishing books, calendars, greeting cards and posters and print on demand self publishing through the internet
Using web sites, Google, forums and newsgroups, blogs, eBay and screensavers to market yourself and your artwork
What Google looks for
How you can promote your web site and how your web site can promote you
Things you can do and things you shouldn't do in web site design or printed material to drive relevant traffic to your web site
Examples of good and bad web site design
Example of a good web site that didn't work, and why
How having more than one web site can help in your search engine rankings
Marketing Tools:
Business card design and printing tips
E-mail marketing
What goes into assembling a Press Kit
Image Security and Copyright Protection on the Web:
How to add your copyright to your images
What works and what doesn't work to protect your images on the web and why
Examples of copyright violation on the web and in print
E-bay's VeRO program to protect copyrighted work
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Selling From a Web Site:
Tips for selling 2D and 3D art from a web site
Do you need a shopping cart?
How to maintain accurate color in the images you upload to the web
Pricing and selling photographic prints
Pricing and selling stock photography from your own web site, stock agencies and micro stock
Art Show Marketing Tips:
Things you can do to your display to help people remember you and contact you through your web site afterwards
Barter or Trade your Skills or Artwork
Personal appearances:
Using the promotional material to your advantage
Putting together a digital slide show presentation of your work
Communication Tips:
Products and tips that help you remain in contact with people interested in purchasing your artwork
Tips and links to resources that supplement the information given in the seminar

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