Preparing images for Juried Art Services
a different online jury system with different image requirements
Resources for Artists discussed at my seminars
including the Art Fair Sourcebook and resources for credit card processing, getting 35mm slides from your digital files and art show display equipment etc
Preparing images for ZAPP using Elements
A clear explanation where each tool is located in the menus
updated 09/02/05 and includes an update for Elements 3.0
Preparing images for ZAPP using Photoshop CS and CS2
detailed with screen captures
download from the link at the top of the page
Use in conjunction with the Elements workflow for a more complete explanation on how to prepare your own images - read them both
Converting to sRGB in older versions of Elements
How to set your digital camera to photograph art
35mm slides from digital files
download from a link at the top of the page
I recommend using IPrintFromHome.com for 35mm slides from digital files - 716-228-2983
Using the Digital Calibration Target to get accurate color
an article titled "using black and white to correct color"
Using the Shadow Highlight filter
-Products and services discussed in the seminar-
Varitone Graduated Backgrounds
#9 (black to white) is the most common
Digital Calibration Targets
for getting accurate color shooting digitally
Wacom Digital Tablet
Xtend-a-View LCD Viewfinder for consumer digital cameras
Macbeth Color Checker
ACDSee (PC) Image viewing program
Hap Sakwa
jury slide photographer specializes in shooting fine jewelry
WhiBal Reference Card
for getting accurate color shooting digitally
Lighting products that use daylight florescent bulbs
Lowel Ego
Cloud Dome

My Digital Jury Tips Newsletter

-Other Downloads or Informational Web Pages-

Finding and Identifying Files on a Windows Computer
By default, Windows hides file extensions, making it difficult to browse for the images you need for ZAPP
How to e-mail full size files
so they are not reduced by your e-mail program
A forum that discusses selling photography at art shows
companion resource web site for the selling photography at art shows forum
A form to collect e-mail addresses at art shows
A form to keep track of shows applied to

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