Tips on Photographing Your Own Art

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photographing a painting with balanced light

In the picture above, Dave Smith is using two small softboxes, which at that distance act like white umbrellas.
First a disclaimer. Though I may make it look relatively easy for you to be your own photographer, if you don't have the photography and Photoshop skills, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage in the jury room. Competition is fierce and it isn't going to get any easier to get into shows. If you feel that you need help, I'll photograph your work. Or maybe you want to do the photography and send me the images for that all important post processing as dozens of artists already do.
Examples of my Jury Slide Photography
How to set your Digital Camera to Photograph Art- updated 02/25/15

How to use a Tripod

Set the aperture of your lens to get maximum depth of field
The Care and Feeding of your Jury Images
Lighting to Photograph Art
Lighting Products that make it easy to do your own digital photography
Backgrounds for Photographing Art
Under the Canopy
photographing large or difficult to photograph artwork
Lighting Diagrams for flat art, three dimensional object and two dimensional mixed media
Using a reference card for accurate white balance
How to get accurate color digitally - requires full Photoshop
Photographing Paintings
Teaching Artists to Photograph their own Art
Photographing on a Graduated Background
Photographing Large Art
and dropping the image into a new background that matches previously photographed work
How to take a Better Booth Photograph
36 Megapixels
what it means to artists photographing their own art
Photograph your Art in your Booth at an Art Show
Focus Stacking to Photograph Jewelry
Photographing a bracelet as if on a non distracting wrist
Photographing Jewelry on Black Plexiglass
How to Photograph a Lamp

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