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Zapped and Happy
Hi Larry, I just finished modifying each image and submitted my ZAPP for Crafts Boston. Will complete the ZAPP for ACC Baltimore in the next few days. Your work looked perfect and made my tasks a snap! Thanks for the excellent and prompt service.
Best wishes,
Rhonda Heisler
Mosaic Mountain Arts

ZAPP help by Lesley Keeble

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Send your jury slides or digital camera files to Larry Berman

Nothing is as important as the images you submit for jurying, whether it be 35mm slides or carefully prepared digital files. I can provide you with the highest quality color corrected images at the specified file size and resolution that each different jury process requires. I can prepare your digital jury images for ZAPP™, Juried Art Services (Smithsonian Craft Show), 35mm slides from the digital files, Paradise City and any other digital jury system that comes along.

Digital jury image pricing

What to send
35mm slides - preferably originals, but I can also work from dupes.
Digital camera files - please send me the original digital camera files as they came from the camera. If you've had someone else work on them you can send me those also, but I need the originals to do my best work. A lot of artists have asked me to correct mistakes other "professionals" have made in their images when shooting digitally.
Submission requirements
35mm slides need to be labeled as to top and front so there's no question about the orientation of the digital file when I'm finished. Digital camera files should have been captured at full resolution that the camera is capable of. Maximum quality JPEG is fine. Send the original files on CD or e-mail them to me or use my image upload form. If you're e-mailing them, add your name to the file name so I know whose images they are in my e-mail attachment folder.

How to set your digital camera for the best digital jury images

If you're in the (western Pennsylvania) area, you're welcome to come to my studio and watch me prepare your images or photograph your artwork.

Please call if you have any questions  412-401-8100

Digital Jury Resources

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