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On the Chatham Festival of the Arts application, you have three choices on how to submit your images for jurying.
1 - SLIDES Mark each slide with your name & top.
2 - DIGITAL FILES. The images should not exceed 900 pixels wide or 600 pixels tall. Please identify each digital photo with your last name and number them to correspond with a short description of the work. Please include in the subject heading of the email your last name, company name and date. Mail an application form separately with a self-addressed envelope and payment.
3 - PHOTOGRAPHS Size no smaller than 5 x 7

Normally I would recommend sending ZAPP images because they will be screen filling and look good. But this show is specifically asking for horizontal digital images so the not so obvious answer is a great looking set of 8x10 prints from Sam's Club, Costco or Wal-Mart, with black masking images that aren't proportional to 8x10 so there is no cropping of the art when printed. Five prints cost about $7.50, about $10 with shipping. The 900x600 pixel image size they are asking for is web size and favors horizontals over verticals. Monitors are horizontal wide screen now so vertical images will look tiny.

The problem is that they don't tell you how the images are to be viewed by the jurors. Could be a few people sitting around a laptop and passing slide sheets around holding them up to the light. At least with a set of prints, especially if printed 8x10, you know they will look great when passed around.

I also think it's strange that of the three ways to submit your images, the digital image requirement is the only one that's unfair to artists. Both prints and 35mm slides can be rotated so that horizontal and vertical images are exactly the same size. But they are asking for horizontal digital images which are 50% larger than vertical digital images which is totally unfair to anyone using the latest technology.


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