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4x6 isn't 1920
and other image problems

Jury slide photographers again
An artist e-mailed me some images to see if the cropping and color could be improved. The photographer who regularly shoots her jewelry was away and she had to use a different photographer to have pieces photographed in time for the art shows she wanted to apply to. The images were 1920 pixel long dimension in the Adobe RGB (wrong) color space and hadn't been cropped. Now the artist is stuck with incorrectly proportioned dead looking images. And on top of all the other problems, there was a mark on the background in each image that could have been sensor dust. When confronted about it, the photographer told the artist which tool in Photoshop she should use to fix it herself.

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This is the same photographer I wrote about previously (the case of the missing pixels) who provided another jeweler with 1800 pixel images of vertical jewelry shot horizontally so when cropped for jurying, most were under 800 pixels long, less than half the size needed for ZAPP. After seeing such poorly cropped images again from the same photographer I decided to look at the photographer's web site to see if I could figure out what was going on. Do artists know what to ask for before hiring a photographer? Though it doesn't explain the poor quality images, the photographer only offers two sizes of digital files, 4x6 at 300PPI and web size, and charges an additional fee to make the images ZAPP ready. This isn't the first time that I've seen a jury slide photographer think images for print (postcards, brochures and banners) are more important than jury images, not realizing that artists need to actually get into the art shows before they need the other materials. And not using the sRGB color space for jury images should be a hanging offense because the artist's careers depend on the photographer knowing how to do correctly what they say they can do.
Some clueless wording from his web site: "The viewing life of a jury slide is 5-10 seconds, not enough time to pick apart either the subject or the photography."  Any photographer that doesn't understand how competitive the shows are shouldn't be shooting jury slides. Over 95% of the shows use monitors so the jurors can take their time to study the images.
What to ask the photographer for
Besides getting images formatted for both ZAPP and JAS, artists need to ask for the full size files. I always provide the full size images on the CD I give the artist after photographing their artwork, as do a number of other jury slide photographers I'd be happy to recommend.

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