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The Case of the Missing Pixels

How a jury slide photographer took advantage of an unsuspecting artist. Another story in my series of what to look out for when hiring someone to photograph your artwork.

Nothing upsets me more than a jury slide photographer that takes advantage of an artist. A jeweler hired a photographer to shoot a few pieces of jewelry. The photographer provided TIF's on a CD that were only sized 1800 pixels long dimension and were too small for ZAPP. To compound the situation, he had photographed all the vertical pieces of jewelry HORIZONTALLY, making them even smaller. When all the dead space was cropped away, most were under 800 pixels long dimension. And in a really stupid move, he had provided ZAPP images that squished the jewelry to make some of the pieces look square.
For those of you who are technically inclined, the camera used was fourteen megapixels, capable of creating a digital file 4672 pixels long dimension, or approximately 2-1/2 times the size of the files that he provided the artist. I wonder where the missing pixels went.
I have a real hard time with jury slide photographers who give artists digital images that are too small for ZAPP. It wouldn't surprise me if this photographer charges by the pixel, screwing artists that are technology challenged by offering them something they don't need at a reduced rate. Make sure that if you hire a photographer, you get what you need. And as I've always recommended in my seminars, ask the photographer for the full size files and consider using a different photographer if necessary. If you want to know the name of the photographer, call me at 412-401-8100. I'm always happy to either recommend or tell you way I don't recommend a particular photographer.
Here are examples of the images I was referring to:
The photographer shot the vertical jewelry in a horizontal format. The left image was what the photographer gave the artist. The jewelry was so small that the jurors wouldn't have been able to see any detail. Pixel dimensions were only 1800 width by 1200 height in the original image. I cropped and color corrected the right image and then enlarged it for ZAPP.
Squishing for ZAPP. The photographer squished the necklace image (left) to make it square. In my version, I cropped off some of the chain and color corrected the image before properly formatting it for ZAPP.

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