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Instructions for running a batch process in Photoshop. Useful for resizing and compressing a folder of images for the web. Can also be combined with the drop shadow process.
No screen captures because it's not a difficult process, but you will have to create a resulting operation folder so the originals aren't overwritten.

Create a new action on the first image.
File>Automate>Fit Image and specify your desired long pixel dimensions as a square. That will insure all your horizontals and verticals will remain as such, but be uniformly be resized. Size to the desired ppi (72) and then enter the width in pixels (make sure constrain proportion is checked). Next add Unsharp Mask. Next File>Save For Web and choose a % JPEG compression (I recommend 40) and then save and end the action. All the remaining images in the folder will be processed at the same settings that went into creating the action.

Now go to File>Automate>Batch and point to your beginning folder and your resulting folder and run the action you just created.

You should be doing this entire process on a folder of COPIES of your original images. Some of the locations I pointed to might not be correct because I'm working on a different version of Photoshop, but you get the idea.

More Tips

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