The Berman Graphics Best of PMA 2003
Meeting and spending about 90 minutes with Henry Wilhelm. We were assigned by Shutterbug Magazine to interview him and it'll happen within the next week or so. Then you can read the real truth about ink jet printing.
Larry was interviewed on the Shutterbug Internet Radio Show
look for his name in the middle of the page
Cool new products and pictures of friends we rarely get to see
Sony Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Press Event - March 1, 2003
Too windy for the balloons to take off, but some interesting pictures
Larry Berman, Greg Georges and Chris Maher
Larry, Greg Georges and Chris -
co authors in a new book on digital camera techniques.
Photo by George Schaub.
Grace and George Schaub
George and Grace Schaub
Chris Maher, Joe Farace, Rick Sammon, George Schaub
Chris Maher, Joe Farace, Rick Sammon, George Schaub
at Saturday night's Digital Focus
Cool New Technology to make photography easier for first time digital camera users. Fuji's Super CCD to lower dynamic range to control highlights. Nikon's auto redeye reduction (in NikonView 6) uses licensed pattern recognition technology from Pixology to eliminate redeye automatically or with the touch of one button. Both technologies will make it easier for novice digital photographers to get good pictures. Of course, learning about what makes good composition is important also. Adobe's Album (Windows users only) will change the way people organize and sort their photos for sharing. This is the software for people who have no clue about image organization.

Silhouettes at the Kodak "Share" press conference
Larry and Chris were quoted in the Fuji booth
Fuji used a quote about the Frontier printer from our magazine article in their booth. "These machines are amazing in their capabilities".
The Lighthouse from Photec
The "Lighthouse" from Photek
An inexpensive light tent to photograph small objects without shadows. The smaller one will retail for $65.
Herbert Keppler and Larry Berman
"The Tripod Guys"
Herbert Keppler from Pop Photography with Larry Berman
Chris Maher, John Shaw and Larry Berman
John Shaw with Larry and Chris at the Nikon booth
John is only shooting 5% digital (with the Nikon D100) because of the workflow for scenic and nature photographers. He's also concerned with the security issues of traveling with camera equipment in unlocked cases that have to be checked when flying. Issues John's most concerned with are battery longevity and archiving image files when in remote shooting locations under varied weather conditions. I had addressed the same issues in the November-December issue of eDigitalPhoto when I wrote about Traveling the Southwest with a Digital Camera.
Chris and I had the opportunity to sit with Phil and Jo Askey and Peter iNova at the Nikon party.
Peter iNove and Mary Berman
Peter iNova with Mary Berman (yes, my wife)
at the Nikon Party on Sunday night
Peter iNova and Larry Berman
Men in Black - Peter iNova and Larry Berman
Nixvue Visor stand alone CD burner
A product that I wished for in my Traveling the Southwest with a Digital Camera.article in eDigitalPhoto Magazine. It's a stand alone CD burner from Nixvue called the Visor, which can back up the contents of your digital media card with one touch of a button. It will run on 12 volts or AC and retail for $299. Car cigarette lighter and AC adapters included.
Rayovac is coming out with a 15 minute rechargeable AA battery system. The controller is built into each battery so it senses how much charge it needs independently of the other batteries in the charger. Look for it by the end of the summer.
Vincent Versace
Vincent Versace
has the cover of the current Shutterbug Magazine. Here he is signing posters in the Nikon booth. It's always interesting to see who drops by the Nikon booth to say hello. Chris and I had a chance to speak to Jay Maisel, whom we had interviewed two years ago. Chris showed Jay some 8x10 Frontier prints from his current line of infrared nudes and Jay loved the creamy skin tones you get from the technique Chris is using and was amazed that most were taken with the FCE8 fisheye lens on the CoolPix.
Chris Maher, Henry Wilhelm and Larry Berman
Chris Maher, Henry Wilhelm and Larry Berman
(photo by Greg Georges)
Look for our in depth interview

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