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On Camera Flash with the CoolPix 5000
Read about using the CoolPix 5000 with off camera flash

Read about using the CoolPix 5000 with the SB-50
Covering the cell with your finger could result in both under and over exposure, depending on the position of your finger. If you're are covering it completely, over exposure because no light will get in to shut off the flash. If you are covering it partially, light could bounce in and shorten the duration causing under exposure. That's why people get inconsistent flash results and don't understand why. One of the limitations of a small camera.
How I've gotten good flash pictures with the built in flash
The CoolPix 5000 was set on self timer and placed on top of the television. The lens was zoomed out to 28mm to make sure that I got everyone into the picture. Everything was set as it comes out of the box. The resulting picture was cropped as shown below. The photographer is second from the right, approximately 10 feet from the camera. The photocell that controls the built in flash is located next to the grip and is easily covered by your fingers when holding the camera with your finger on the shutter release (see below). Initially, when I first tried it I couldn't figure out why some flash pictures were properly exposed and most were underexposed.
The photocell (yellow arrow) that controls the in camera flash is located right next to the grip and is easily blocked, causing underexposure, when your finger is resting on the shutter release.

CoolPix 5000 showing location of the photocell that controls the in camera flash

Full frame that the top picture is cropped from

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