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CoolPix 5000 Gallery
An informal shoot out between the
Nikon CoolPix 5000 and the Sony DSC-F707
by Chris Maher
These pictures were taken under the Cloud Dome using controlled lighting
Neither of the pictures have had unsharp mask applied so the resized Jpegs you see may look a little soft. Please click on them to download the original files for comparison.
Click on the pictures to open the full size Jpegs for comparison
Nikon CoolPix 5000
CoolPix 5000
Sony DSC-F707
Sony 707
Under extremely critical examination, the CP5000 appears to be not quite as sharp as the Sony707. This despite the Nikon having been shot at f2.9 at 1/51 of a second vs the Sony's f2.0 at 1/100. Both cameras were mounted. To my eye it seems the sharpening of the Sony image takes place more in the mid tones, and not as much in the highlights, giving greater tonal separation and more pronounced detail. The disadvantage of this is a slightly greater graininess in the Sony's flat mid tone areas.

The colors are handled slightly differently as well, appearing a bit more saturated in the Sony707 shot. The CP5000 seemed a bit warmer, and less saturated.

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