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I didn't want to make this a Photoshop tutorial, but these are really important examples for improving how your images look to a jury using the Shadow Highlight filter which is available in both Photoshop and Elements.

©Marc Sijan

Though it may be difficult to tell on this web image, the left side of the head in the right image, especially the ear, is easier to see against the black background after using a minor shadow slider adjustment of the Shadow Highlight filter. The difference is much easier to see when projected digitally and helps the jurors see a better example of Marc Sijan's work.

©Bruce Meyer

Bruce Meyer's wood was photographed against a graduated background which caused the darker areas at the top to get lost against the background. By using a slight adjustment of the shadow slider in the Shadow Highlight filter, I was able to better separate the background. Additionally by converting to the correct color profile of sRGB, I was able to show the colors more accurately than the original, which was in the wrong color space.
As with the top image, these minor adjustments are more easily seen when digitally projected and can considerably improve your presentation to a jury.

Digital Jury Resources

Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images


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