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Almost the size of a pencil, the Huey makes calibrating any monitor easy. It works with CRT and LCD monitors or laptops. After calibration is complete the default setting is viewing images and web browsing. That sets the gamma to 2.2 and the color temperature to 6500, which is the default for the sRGB color space. At $89, this is the lowest priced calibration system we've ever seen, especially for the MAC (10.2 of higher) where nothing has been available for under $150 in the past.

Huey color calibration from Pantone

In my initial test on my laptop, installing the software and calibrating went smoothly. First you set the Huey to measure ambient room light, then hang it over the monitor against the onscreen template as seen below in a photograph of my laptop screen. Everything else is automatic. After calibration there is a before and after button which allows you to see the improvements in your onscreen colors. An additional feature is that if you leave the Huey connected in it's stand, it will constantly monitor ambient room light, adjusting the monitor accordingly at predetermined intervals that you can set.

Huey color calibration from Pantone

A few tips about using the Huey. I've always found color calibration to be more accurate with ambient light off, both during calibration and when working on images. If you're calibrating an LCD or laptop, tilt the screen back so you don't have to adhere the Huey to your expensive screen. Professionals may choose to not have the Huey adjust the monitor as ambient light changes but rather keep the ambient lighting constant as screen brightness variations may effect their color or density decisions. The settings that adjust gamma and color temperature aren't actually identified in the software or instructions. You need to look at the Pantone web site support area for color settings for the Huey.
Pantone Huey photo by Larry Berman
An inexpensive calibration device that retails for $89 and works for both the MAC and PC and calibrates both CRT and LCD monitors, and adjusts for ambient room light

Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images

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