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scanned by an art show for ZAPP
Scanned by an art show

Scanned by Larry Berman for ZAPP
Scanned my me

The above images are a perfect example. The picture on the left was scanned by an art show and uploaded to ZAPP. The picture on the right was my scan from the same slide which has now replaced the original scan on ZAPP..

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In the first year with ZAPP, the art shows were offering to scan jury slides for the artists for a small additional fee. The problem is that their good intentions didn't do much for the image quality of the thousands of slides scanned. In most cases, they outsourced to local labs, and in a few cases they actually scanned the slides themselves. The problem is that there appeared to be no attempt to color correct and match the original. But then, no one was paying for color correction. Inexpensive labs do not scan and professionally color correct, they usually rely on the equipment to "auto correct" the scan.  After you get this kind of scan you then need to take it into an image editing program and do your own color correction.
Another problem I've been seeing has to do with some professional photographers that are giving their artist clients sub standard digital image files. Weak colors, wrong color space, overall color casts, too small file sizes and poor crop choices are errors that can destroy the effectiveness of even an excellently composed jury image. The worst are the images that have been incompetently over processed in Photoshop making further correction impossible without going back to the original, which they aren't giving their clients. If you hire a professional photographer who shoots digitally, insist on getting the original unprocessed camera files on a CD, besides the files that the photographer processes for you. After all, when they shot film, they gave you the originals. Digital originals can easily be duplicated without loosing quality and it's your right to insist on receiving them. That way at least you have the choice of having someone more skilled do the final tweak on your jury images. If you digitally shoot your own work, read my article on how to set your digital camera to maximize the image quality, and then how to save your files so you don't loose your originals.
As a program, Adobe Photoshop is both remarkably powerful and extremely complex. It takes years of experience to be really good with it. I work with it for up to 10 hours a day and still learn things all the time. A photographer who has not seriously worked with Photoshop can easily create flawed image files that only look good on their own monitors but not to the rest of the world.
If you receive images that appear too dark and the photographer tells you that it's your monitor, you can easily test by seeing how many shades of gray you see in this image. Even on my laptop, I can see all 17 shades of gray.

As an artist, you need to take responsibility about how your images appear in a digital jury. It's all that you have that gets you into shows, or gets you rejected.

Here is just one example of a scan I've been asked to fix. Both scans were from the same slide. The ;left image was the result of an art show scanning and was already on ZAPP. It has now been replaced with the right hand scan that I did for the artist.

Here's another example (below). This time the lab had incorrectly processed the film that the jury slide photographer had dropped off. The left hand image was what the slide looked like and the right hand image was my correction. Initially the photographer had refused to give the artist the film because it looked so bad. Fortunately the artist was able to obtain one slide which was sent to me to scan and correct. They now have the corrected image on ZAPP, Juried Art Services and have also had 35mm slides made from the file.

Hire me to Prepare your Digital Jury Images

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