10.5mm Fisheye Lens for the Nikon D70
Using Nikon Capture 4.1 to Correct Distortion

There is a series of 8 comparison sets of images on this page so please be patient while they download. The first two are from my new D70 Gallery. The other 6 were taken as examples and will be replaced as I come up with new images. In all cases you can see how important it is to plan your shot in advance, making sure that the most important elements are more centered than at the edges. In the top picture of the flowers, I prefer the uncorrected image.

In the flag picture below, the correction in Nikon Capture took all the extraneous stuff around the edges out of the picture. I only had to clone out the street light to complete the image.

I was at Home Depot so I used it as an opportunity to shoot some inside and outside architecture pictures (below). In the Home Depot pictures directly below, I've included the picture that resulted when I checked the box "include areas where there is no image data." The center picture was generated with black in the place where there was no image data as can be seen to the left.


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