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  • September 7, 2012

    Xena at A Fair in the Park

    Today was the first day of the art show A Fair in the Park, in Pittsburgh. It takes place on the grounds of the art center in Shadyside. Like I’ve been doing for years, I walk the show and introduce myself to the artists. Today I gave my puppy Xena a break and took her with me, posing her in some of the booths as a booth sitter.

    Xena in Don Jones' booth


    Xena in Michael Cho's booth


    Xena in Sandy Kephart's booth


    Xena in Christy Culp's booth


    Xena in Skip Ennis and Joan Michlin's booth

    I want to thank the following artists for letting me photograph Xena in their booth; Don Jones, Michael Cho, Sandy Kephart, Christy Culp, Skip Ennis. And thanks to June Tressler and Michael Cho for the water for Xena.

    Larry Berman and Xena name badge

    in case you didn’t recognize Xena or me, here’s a picture of the name badge I wear to art shows. It’s the same picture on the home page of the web site and on the business cards I hand out.

    © Larry Berman