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  • April 27, 2016

    What’s Your Dream Show

    Captain’s Log, stardate 2821.5. In the Star Trek episode “The Galileo Seven”, Spock is adrift in the Galileo shuttlecraft with almost no hope of being rescued by Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. By jettisoning the remaining fuel of the shuttlecraft and igniting it, he is essentially sending out a Hail Mary pass.

    After doing two miserable shows last year, I had decided I wouldn’t do any shows this year (and maybe not ever again). At age 67 and coming off torn shoulder muscles, doing the physical work involved with art shows gets harder and harder each year.
    Captain’s log 2016.03.18. About 11:40 in the evening on the deadline date of the St Louis Art Fair, I’m wondering if my luck could possibly change this year. After never being able to get in, I threw my Hail Mary pass and applied. It is one of the top shows and gets over 1,100 applications for under 140 spaces. What the heck, I decided at the last minute to give it one more try. I submitted my application and forgot about it. The other day the e-mail results came in. Holy s**t, I just got accepted to St Louis. So, reveling in the high you can only get when those hard to get into shows invite you, I paid my booth fee and sat down to write about it.

    © Larry Berman