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  • August 12, 2012

    Turning an Indoor Booth into an Outdoor Booth


    Outdoor art shows usually prefer you submit an outdoor booth picture with your application. And one of the top art shows actually requires it. Not in so many words, but they contact each applicant that doesn’t have an outdoor booth image in their application asking if they have one they can substitute for the indoor booth picture.

    Basically the purpose of the booth picture, especially in round one of a multiple round jury, is to insure that you have a professional display. The jurors should be able to tell how professional your booth looks and dismiss it in a second or two because you really want them to judge you based on your individual artwork images.

    From time to time I get requests from artists to convert their indoor booth picture to a booth picture that looks like it was photographed under a canopy outside. It’s one of the services I offer. I have another example in the booth section of the web site¬†and even more in my portfolio on my iPad that I show artists when walking an art show.

    With permission from the artist whose booth image I worked on, here’s a before and after set of images.

    1 - original booth picture taken with an iPhone


    2 - everything above the Pro Panels was deleted in preparation for dropping in a canopy. the checkerboard background in Photoshop shows transparency


    3 - finished booth with walls squared up and some additional cleanup and then canopy added


    my own booth photo with canopy, that matched the angle of the original image

    The booth section has many more articles about the booth or display picture.

    © Larry Berman