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  • August 29, 2012

    The Booth Photographer


    the booth photographer Larry Berman with Elvis and Xena

    The Shadyside Art Festival in Pittsburgh was the last weekend in August. I always walk the show to introduce myself to the artists. Though it’s not the ideal place to do a display picture, I do end up shooting a few each year. And after the show I usually get a few artists come to my house for me to photograph their artwork or to set their booth up in a more controlled environment for the picture.

    This year was no different. One artist brought their artwork to my house on Saturday evening after the show. Two artists brought their artwork on Monday and one set their booth up at my house on Tuesday.

    The completed booth

    the completed booth picture without Larry and the kids

    Booth picture taken at the show

    glass booth picture taken at the Shadyside Art Festival

    More information on booth pictures including instructions on how to take your own booth picture. I do booth pictures at all the local Pittsburgh art shows. Please call me if you want your booth photographed. 412-401-8100

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