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  • January 25, 2015

    Sturdy Pop Up Tents

    There’s a movement on the art show circuit to not allow pop up type tents at shows because of the damage created when the weather becomes severe. The Des Moines Art Festival and the Columbus Art Festival have the following wording on their application prospectus.

    EZ-Up and other light weight accordion style tent for 6 people are not allowed for use during the Festival. The ONLY exception to this rule are Commercial Heavy Duty units manufactured by TFH Gazebos.

    Des Moines
    Artists are not permitted to use light-weight accordion style pop-up tents and each tent must be weighted properly to ensure the highest degree of safety to themselves as well as their neighbor and guests.

    I’ve also heard from an artist that they were rejected from a show because they had an EZUp in their booth picture. My feeling is that shows that don’t want pop up canopies shouldn’t penalize artists for their display pictures. But they should be asked to rent a canopy for the show if accepted.

    In doing research on pop up tents, I came across five commercial 10×10 pop up tents that are extremely sturdy, maybe sturdier than any of the tents currently used by artists on the circuit. That sturdiness comes at a price because those tents range up to about $2,000.




    TFH Gazebos

    Shelter Logic

    KD Kanopy TX1000

    © Larry Berman