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    CHESWICK, PA 15024

  • April 21, 2021

    Slide Scanning in Pittsburgh

    Slide Scanning in Pittsburgh
    Film can be sent from all over the USA

    Call 412-401-8100 or e-mail Larry Berman
    Calling is my preferred way to communicate

    Slide Scanning and Film Scanning
    Please call me (412-401-8100) with the quantity for a quote.

    I have multiple scanners that are capable of scanning slides, larger size film (medium format film, 4×5 film or 8×10 film) and prints or other documents. Color correction is done by hand on a calibrated system. If you need a file to be printed, I can size the file to meet your requirements. If you’re local, after the initial scanning, you are welcome to sit with me while I color correct each image. I can prepare and size the corrected images for any use. Print sizes up to 30×40 are possible, based on the quality of the original. 4×6 is the most popular size. I can size images for your web site, Facebook or for PowerPoint presentations. Images can also be converted to CMYK for prepress. 4×6 prints are scanned at enough resolution to create 8×10 prints from the files. 8×10 prints are scanned at enough resolution to create 16×20 prints from the files. Quality of prints made from the digital files is relative to the quality of the original.

    Transparencies or negatives up to 4×5 or 8×10 can be scanned and color corrected. Prints up to 12×17 can be scanned. Larger prints or artwork can be photographed.
    Besides slides, I can now bulk scan photographic prints from family albums.

    I’m Larry Berman, a fine art photographer and artist who has been selling my own photography at art shows for 40 years. Since 2004, I’ve worked with over 5,000 artists, photographing their artwork or scanning and color correcting their artwork slides and digital images so they can jury into art shows.

    Please call me (412-401-8100) with the quantity for a quote.

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