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  • December 10, 2012

    Quirky Jury Images


    A few quirky jury images that may cause comments that slow the jurors down while they look at your work.

    the pink boots

    I titled this image the pink boots and it was provided by Mark Bressler. He had his work photographed in a photographers studio. With a piece like this, it was impossible to understand the scale. It could have been a few inches wide but in reality it was about three feet across. As the story goes, before the photographer took the last picture, the assistant took her boots off and arranged them in the shot. All of a sudden, the scale became evident without the jurors having to think. While using this image, Mark was able to get into some of the top fine art and craft shows in the country.

    the bird hat

    Valery Fields sent me this image as one of the set of her new jury images. ¬†Though there was also a view of the model standing up, we both felt this image better portrayed the hat. I can just picture the jurors chuckling and maybe commenting during the jury session. We’ll see if it works for her. Valery regularly gets into shows like the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

    I’ve probably seen it all but won’t publish any images that might embarrass any artists. The most bizarre image I did get to work on, but told the artist not to use it, was a sculptor who provided an installation image. That would have been fine, except the sculptor was standing in front of the installation piece shirtless posed as a body builder. Another image I told the artist not to use was of the artist sitting on a chair holding the artwork.

    © Larry Berman