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  • April 24, 2016

    Photograph Your Art in Your Booth

    Photograph your art in your booth, studio or wherever it’s convenient

    For years I’ve been recommending using your art show tent as a large diffused light source if you have large or difficult to photograph artwork. Think about how good your artwork looks when you set up at a show. If you’d like to edit them with some great tools, then consider checking out some free luts.

    Ideally you want to set up with three white walls and put the fourth wall on the ground to bounce some of that diffused light back up for more even lighting on your art.

    Some before and after examples of images sent to me by artists that photographed their artwork in their booth, studio or wherever it was convenient. I was able to do the image editing to make them look like they were taken in a photographer’s studio.

    More examples of my improved jury images

    Examples of my artwork photography

    The above images include artwork from breezy anderson, chippie kennedy, doug durkee, jill cranford, lindi miller, marilyn cook, mark rosenbaum

    © Larry Berman