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  • November 1, 2012

    October 2012 Madness


    Things that make no sense and leave you scratching your head.

    The art show application that tells you to submit digital photos or digital prints but charges you extra if you send photos or prints because they have to scan them. They actually want digital images and changed the wording after I contacted them.

    The art shows that offer seminars, workshops or webinars on how to set up a profile and apply to their show using ZAPP, but offer no suggestions on how to improve your images so you only have a minimal chance of getting in. For artists, it’s about the images, not about typing words on a web page. And it seems that for shows it’s about the jury fee money.

    The artist who asked me to send them a booth image so they could complete an application. When I refused they purchased what they needed for their display and will be setting it up to take their own booth picture.

    The artist who sent me images that were so dark, there was no detail in the dark parts of the artwork. The artist who sent me images that were too light. The black to white graduated background went from gray to blow out white and the highlights on the artwork had no detail. The photographer’s response when asked about the images was to tell me that they looked good on his monitor.

    The call from a local person who wanted a painting photographed to reproduce it. He had purchased the painting and wanted to hang it in two locations. I explained I wouldn’t do it without permission from the artist. He eventually got permission from the artist and I’ll be photographing the painting for him.

    © Larry Berman