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  • January 20, 2014

    Mounting an iphone or ipad

    Against my repeated suggestions of not using your cell phone (or ipad) to photograph your artwork or booth, I still keep getting iphone images of artwork and booths to improve. Without going into a lot of detail, the iphone does not have the same dynamic range of even an inexpensive point and shoot camera. That means highlights do not hold as much detail and tend to blow out (become pure white). The other problem is holding the phone camera steady to compensate for the longer exposure sometimes necessary, like the interior of a booth on an overcast day which is optimum lighting for the booth image.

    When I purchased an ipad a few years ago I started looking for a way to mount it on my treadmill. The best and most flexible solution came from Ram Mounts (http://www.rammount.com). Ram Mounts creates the hardware mounting system used by emergency services and the military to mount any kind of device in their vehicles. The basis for their products is a ball and socket mount featuring a non slip rubber ball that has shock and vibration dampening. Besides the configuration of Ram Mount parts for my treadmill, I’ve purchased parts to mount my iphone in my van (useful for using the iphone as a GPS while driving), and that same iphone mount can also double as a tripod mount if needed.

    iphone tripod mount

    I suggest investigating the hundreds of configurable parts on the Ram Mounts web site. What you should be looking at are the parts compatible with the one inch ball. For the iphone and ipad mini I like the X-Grip mounts because they can be used by different similar sized devices. http://www.rammount.com

    My configuration of Ram Mount parts for my iPhone in the photos. These can be purchased from either Ram or from Amazon, consists of three parts.

    Ram-hol-un7bu X-Grip for cell phones
    RAP-B-201-A short double socket arm
    RAM-B-348U one inch ball with female 1/4×20 threaded socket to attach to a tripod

    iphone tripod mount parts

    I should mention that the X-Grip Cell Phone Holder works with my iphone without having to remove it from it’s case.

    With a little ingenuity, you can also figure out a way to mount your ipad in your booth when taking credit cards.

    There are many apps available for the iPhone camera. One of my favorites is called “Big Button Camera.” Anywhere you touch the screen it takes a picture so you don’t have to hunt for the release button taking your eyes off the subject.

    © Larry Berman