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  • August 11, 2012

    JuryImages.com – the best resource for artists

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    JuryImages.com – the best resource for artists

    Three years ago I created the JuryImages.com web site as a free resource for artists applying to art shows. It’s a two part web site offering free ZAPP or JAS image formatting in one part, and a way to test and compare different image presentations in the other part.

    Free Formatting
    To get your images formatted for ZAPP and JAS, upload an image choosing whether to format for ZAPP, which is 1920 square with black borders, or JAS, which is 1920 long dimensions without black borders.

    What the free formatting does is makes the images the proper pixel dimensions and converts them to the sRGB color space, and saves them under 2 megabytes so they will upload properly to either ZAPP or JAS.

    What the free formatting doesn’t do is color correct, crop or any other editing that would improve the images. For that, you have the option of hiring me like many other artists have.

    Improve Your Presentation
    To test your presentation, upload your images to a page where you can see them lined up in four rows of five images across. Then drag them with your mouse (yes, you can drag them with your mouse) to put them in any order you want. You can arrange them five across or three over two, or whichever way the shows you’re applying to display the images to the jurors. You can duplicate the images to see them in comparison presentations, flip them horizontally and even enlarge them to the size both online systems see them when jurying. You can also change the background color from black (ZAPP) to gray (JAS) or white. An additional feature is to be able to e-mail a link of your private web page to a consultant or friend to get their feedback.

    If you are sending me your images for a free evaluation or to be improved, e-mail them directly to me or use the upload form on BermanGraphics. I do not have access to your images that have been uploaded to juryimages.com.

    © Larry Berman