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  • July 18, 2012

    Jury Tips Newsletter July 2012

    july 2012 Newsletter

    I have been shooting more high end jewelry and have the images on my jury slide photography example page.

    There have been some new additions to my Visitors to my House gallery, including “Willie”,  who really got into posing.

    You can read my old newsletters on the web site. 

    Why 300DPI or greater isn’t an image size and how art shows should really ask for images of your artwork.

    Art shows are (still) jeopardizing your images by putting the full size ZAPP images on the web.

    Buy/Sell and What can be done about it. There have been a number of issues discussed on the forums and in the most recent NAIA newspaper. Connie Metler had a podcast about buy/sell on Art fair Insiders a few weeks ago and there have been many discussions on Art Fair Insiders. There have also been many discussions on The Corner Booth forum trying to out the buy/sell people who are doing multiple shows each weekend under different names or people buying their art from web sites and selling it as their own. Carroll Swayze and Michelle Wermuth have been key in researching and presenting information.

    American Crafts Council
    The ACC deadline is coming up August 1st. I’m getting a number of calls from artists that want to make sure they have the best presentation. It’s not too late to have me review or improve your jury images, even if you wait to the last minute. Yes, artists procrastinate and some do wait until the last day, but I understand because I’m an artist myself and have done art shows for over 30 years with my own photography. Calling is faster than e-mail.

    Awards of my imaging services
    For the past three years I’ve been sponsoring an award of my images services at my local shows, Three Rivers each week and Fair in the Park. I’ve also sponsored an award for Sara Shambarger at the Krasl show. This year for the first time, someone accepted my award and it was an artist who really needs help with their images.

    Taking photographs of your work at a show
    There was an interesting thread on the dpreview forums about a photographer defending his right to photograph a booth at a street fair or art show:

    DPreview.com (Digital Photography Review) is probably the most active photography forum. But it’s more about equipment than photographs. There are specific forums for each different camera manufacturer or camera system.

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