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  • May 2, 2014

    Help Applying to an Art Show

    If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve looked for an art show to apply to and my name and phone number are listed on the show’s web site for artists that need help with their application or their images. Among the art and fine craft shows that list me as a resource are Paragon Art Festivals and Howard Alan Events which also includes American Craft EndeavorsSo if you are planning to apply to one of these shows, or any show using the ZAPPlication (referred to as ZAPP) system, read this page carefully.

    I’ve been recommended because I understand the ZAPP application system used by hundreds of art shows, and have worked with thousands of artists. You cannot print out an application to mail in. In order to apply to a show using the ZAPP system, you need to apply through the profile you’ve set up on ZAPP. For art shows using ZAPP, it’s the only way they take applications.

    Using ZAPP is a six step process
    1 – Create a profile on ZAPPlication.org
    2 – Upload your images into your My Portfolio, at least four of your artwork and one of your display. Click Add Sample to upload an image. Required fields need to be filled in for the image to upload.
    3 – Choose a show to apply to by clicking on Apply to Shows and click on the name of the show you’re interested in. Then click on Apply to This Show on the right side of the show information page
    4 – Complete an application by filling out required information and attaching the required number of images which should be in your profile before you start
    5 – Pay your jury fee to complete the application, you will then receive an e-mail confirmation of your application
    6 – Applications are juried. When results are sent out, if you are accepted you will be required to pay your booth fee

    Preparing the Images
    Image quality is critically important because it’s what you are juried on. ZAPP requires images that are larger than web size, so in most cases you can’t just pull images from your web site and upload them to ZAPP. Images need to be a minimum of 1400 pixels long dimension. Unfortunately ZAPP will allow smaller images to be uploaded but they will be too small to attach to an application. And if you’re planning on applying to any of the better shows that project the images, your images need to be 1920 pixels square with black borders masking rectangular images, or at the very least, 1920 pixels long dimension. Otherwise your images will project small with wide black borders.

    Read these Tips before Applying
    To apply to most shows, you will need at least three or four individual images of your art and an image of your display. Some shows will ask for three and some will ask for four images (and a few will ask for five images), so having at least four individual art images in your profile will save you the hassle of scrambling around to find another picture to upload. The most common source of confusion for artists is starting an application before they upload their images

    Most applications require a booth or display image. If you’ve never done an art show before and don’t have a display picture, you must contact the show you’re planning to apply to and ask how they want you to handle the lack of a display image. Some shows will ask to see an additional art image and some shows will want to see a grouping of your artwork. It’s up to the show how they want it handled and each show may handle it differently.

    For the image to represent your display in the application, you must check the box that it is a display image when you upload it. Even though they’ve given you permission to use an art image or group image, the system still needs to think it is a display image to attach it to an application. If you’ve forgotten to call it a display image, you can click edit under the image to change it to a display image for application purposes.

    If accepted, you will have to purchase a display consisting of a white tent and walls to hang 2D art or pedestals / tables to display 3D art. Most shows only provide a 10×10 space on the street for you to set up within. If you don’t have a display yet, a few shows will provide tent rental information, but shows assume you already own a display. Some of Howard Alan’s shows offer display rental consisting of a tent and display walls.

    ZAPPlication.org application system

    Larry Berman – I’ve improved jury images for over 3,000 artists and photograph artwork for artists. Click on the links to see examples of my imaging work. My web site is a resource for artists and also includes interviews with jurors and reviews of open juries. To have your images improved or artwork photographed, or even have me to apply to your shows for you, give me a call at 412-401-8100.

    JuryImages.com – Free formatting of images for ZAPP. It doesn’t improve them, just formats them properly for jurying.

    Juried Art Services (referred to as JAS) is another similar application system with different shows, most are high quality fine craft shows like the Smithsonian Craft Show or the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Shows. If you need help with that system, give me a call (412-401-8100) and I’ll provide step by step information. I’m working on a new article with information about applying to a JAS show.

    © Larry Berman