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  • March 17, 2013

    Fixing Jury Images 07

    The booth image, more specifically the wearable fiber booth. Always a problem displaying the clothing in a professional manner with enough pieces facing the camera that so the jurors can connect the individual art images with the work hanging in the booth. Even more difficult trying to take the booth picture at a show.

    corrected booth

    The original photograph (below) was taken at a show. The hazy morning light gave me an indication that it was possible for the light in the booth to look really good once adjusted. The mirror, chair, weights and banner needed to be minimized as distractions.

    original booth picture taken at an art show

    The second booth (below) was actually intended to be set up as an outdoor booth. Because New England in winter is not the ideal location to do an outdoor booth picture, the booth was set up in an indoor parking structure. Only at the last minute did the artist realize that the lighting would be poor and the height of the Trimline canopy wouldn’t fit. On camera flash ended up being used and the canopy had to be added afterwards. This booth has a lot of inventory but has enough pieces facing the camera that it works as a booth picture. It’s also set up exactly as it appears at an art show.

    corrected booth with canopy added
    original booth picture taken in an indoor parking garage

    More information about the booth image is available to read on the web site.

    © Larry Berman