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  • September 10, 2012

    Fixing Jury Images 03

    From time to time I’m going to post examples of either my jury slide photography or jury images I’ve fixed.

    How much white is too white. Any amount of white that draws your eyes and makes it difficult to see the detail within the few seconds the jurors may spend evaluating your artwork.

    The correction
    In all fairness to the photographer, the job might have been specified as for web use only. That’s why the white background. But that doesn’t excuse not making the jewelry large enough in the frame as you can see in the middle picture, or that the JPEG’s were given to the artist in the wrong color space (Adobe RGB instead of sRGB) and would look dull and washed out on the web or for jurying. The reflection was removed and the stone in the upright earring darkened before the background and proper shadowing was added to make it more presentable to a jury.

    corrected image
    original image
    too much white background before and after

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    I photographed the ring to match the earrings

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