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  • October 18, 2015

    My Favorite Art Event

    My favorite art event of the year

    It started last year. An orthodox Greek convent contacted me about renting my Pro Panels for an event where they were auctioning religious icons that they paint. The event was to be held on a Sunday evening at an orthodox Greek Church in Pittsburgh. We made arrangements and I delivered and set up the panels a few days before the event. Then on Sunday morning I met the sisters and hung all the artwork for them. The artwork was very delicate. Hand painted icons using real gold.

    At the end of the event, I arrived early and helped pack up the casinoluck icons for the winners of the auction. I’ve always loved the physical aspect of doing art shows and this was no different, except the pressure to sell wasn’t there because it wasn’t my art. I actually found it to be fun.

    using my Pro Panels to display religious icons

    Here’s a picture of the display from last years event.

    This year they contacted me for my display again. In addition, they had me photograph the icons because the photographer who had done the photography in the past was having problems with hot spots in the gold.

    © Larry Berman