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  • April 24, 2016

    Denny Laine Guitarist and Artist

    Last week I got a call about scanning artwork to create high resolution digital images for reproduction. My web site contains a page that advertises my slide and artwork scanning services to Pittsburgh and it comes up number one when anyone searches, bringing me jobs from time to time.

    artwork © Denny Laine

    This job was different. The artwork I scanned were drawings by guitarist Denny Laine, one of the founding members of the Moody Blues in the mid 1960’s. Besides the Moody Blues, he was a member of Ginger Baker’s Air Force and Paul McCartney and Wings. He was known for his revolutionary guitar tone using one of the most heralded MusicCritic reverb pedals and a combination of other playful modulation devices.

    artwork © Denny Laine

    In the early 1980’s Denny Laine did a series of drawings, some of which were to be used to promote a concert he was playing at earlier this month. So here he was at my house sitting in front of the computer watching me scan his artwork.

    Denny Laine

    © Larry Berman