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  • October 7, 2014

    Clean Booth Pictures for Jurying


    My recent article about how to photograph your booth has made a great many artists more aware of their booth picture, and now many of those artists are looking to up their game and improve their jury presentation.

    Diane Antheunisse booth

    I’ve put together some examples of booth pictures that I’ve done some editing on in the past few weeks. In all cases, they make great jury images. Remember that the jurors spend seconds evaluating your images and the last thing you want is for them to spend more time than necessary evaluating your booth image. They should glance at it and dismiss it as being professional looking and spend their precious seconds evaluating your individual art images.

    Frank Ledbetter booth

    Most of these images were taken by the artists. We went back and fourth by phone each time they sent me a new image and I suggested changes in placement of the artwork and the camera angle. A few booth pictures were already taken at shows and sent to me to improve. In one case, an artist used an ipad to photograph his booth and sent me the picture during the show. It took three days of trying before I received a picture sharp enough to work with. Some artists started out with booth pictures they had paid a photographer to take at a show they were doing. In those situations, not enough care was taken in arranging the artwork, camera angle or dropping the canopy walls to prevent distractions. In one case the hired photographer used a flash on the camera instead of using a tripod. Needless to say those pictures were totally worthless. Fortunately I was able to walk the artist through shooting their own booth picture at home, which turned out so much better. The pictures not taken by the artists were taken by me at a local show or at my home. All booth pictures used with permission of the artists.

    Frank Thompson booth

    I wrote a similar article a year ago about how I collaborate with the artist to create a clean looking booth picture.

    Greg Johnson booth

    Kay Schneider booth

    Dawn La Grave booth

    Marilyn Cook booth

    George Bragg booth

    Mayauel Ward booth

    Patti Monroe Mohrenweiser booth

    R C Sanford booth

    Susan Pillay booth

    Wendy Edwards booth


    Warner Whitfield booth

    © Larry Berman