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  • January 10, 2013

    Booth Picture in Snow

    How important is a good booth picture

    I’m not going into details about how your booth picture can effect your jury score. That’s been discussed over and over. It’s important to know that it does. I guess a lot more artists are waking up to the fact that they need a good booth picture before they spend their jury fee money because for the first time this year, I’ve been working with northern artists setting up their booth outdoors in the snow to photograph it, three in the past week. One was even a local artist came to my house and set up her booth when it was 25 degrees with snow on the ground. We did have to double up the back wall to cut down on backlighting during the shoot.

    setting up the canopy in the snow
    setting up the canopy in the snow

    booth photographed in the snow

    JJ Reichert, whom I had previously written about photographing her handbags, set up a second canopy in front of her booth to keep the sun out of her booth the day after it snowed. She also set her tripod mounted camera in the second canopy.

    using 2 canopies to block the sunlight
    A good example of a great booth picture

    Jurying for art shows, read more about the booth image, including a list of 24 tips on how to take a good booth picture.

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