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  • August 10, 2012

    Black Borders or Not for ZAPP Images

    with or without black borders

    This is about squaring your images with black borders. I recommend adding black borders to square the images, because if you don’t, ZAPP will do it for you when you apply to any of the shows that project the images – the top shows. They would add black borders to your JPEG, which modified them and possibly degraded the images. You can’t change a JPEG without degrading it, even saving it at the highest resolution it still looses information. And some images of artwork have a lot more detail. Those are the artists whose images will suffer the most.

    Every problem ZAPP has had with the display of our jury images is because they decided to allow uploading of non squared images.

    For monitor jurying the black borders were never seen by jurors because they saw the images on a black background. That’s why I recommend keeping them for older images and adding them to newer images before uploading.

    And at some point if they ever figure out the real solution is to run a script on every non square image in the system squaring it with black borders, they won’t have any images issues anymore. Because at that point they would have brought back the level playing field for all artists.

    Here’s my latest article showing how the jurors see the images.

    © Larry Berman