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  • July 27, 2012

    American Craft Council Application Tip

    The American Craft Council is now using Juried Art Services. JAS has a different policy than ZAPP. Though they both allow you to make changes in your application after submitting it, ZAPP makes you jump through hoops by having to contact the show and asking them if they will set your application status to incomplete or exception. JAS on the other hand, allows changes in your application right up until midnight (Pacific time) of the final closing date.

    For example, ACC deadline on JAS is August 1st but there is a late deadline of August 8th. If you submit your application by August 1st, you can change your images without penalty up until August 8th.

    I’m currently working with an artist that needs her work rephotographed for the ACC application. She was nervous that the deadline was coming up Wednesday and it would cost a higher jury fee of she missed it. No problem. I advised her to apply today using the images currently in her profile and that I would changed them after I photograph her work next week.

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