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  • August 7, 2012

    A Consistent Body of Work


    A Consistent Body of Work

    One of the most asked questions by artists trying to choose which of their artwork items to photograph, or which of their images to use for jurying, is what is the definition of consistent. Is it all one color, as in choosing five pieces of jewelry with the same color stone? Is it all the same item, as in choosing five photographs of roses, or five photographs of slot canyons? It’s actually not that easy to define because it’s a feeling evoked by the work. Bruce Baker likes to say that the work should look like it’s created by the same mind. And that’s actually a good answer because it shows growth within the style and medium.

    The most recent newsletter from Xanadu Gallery is about approaching galleries with a consistent body of work to get representation.

    Just substitute art show jury for gallery owner and it will all make sense.


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