15 April 2004
I just got a firmware update for my Nurit 2070 to truncate point of purchase credit card numbers

After I got my machine back from Lipman from being fixed the other day, they faxed me a form to fill out all my bank information and carrier information. I've always kept that written on the back of my manual with the credit card machine. After faxing it back, they prepared a download of a firmware update for my specific machine. I called them on my cell phone and with the Nurit connected to the telephone line, they walked me through having the machine dial in for the firmware update which took about 20 minutes to download.
The machine now truncates the credit card numbers. But it now asks for the billing zip code, billing address numbers and CID (numbers on the back of the card) numbers for all sales where the card is not swiped. Be careful folks. If you can't get a signal at a show, you need to enter all that information manually when you run the slips later or at home, or for telephone sales. I'm now going to prepare a form for all my telephone sales because I usually run them once a day or so instead of connecting the machine each time someone calls in.

Lipman told me (and it worked) that you can avoid putting all the extraneous numbers in and still get authorization, by just pressing enter repeatedly for each field it asks for. But they also said that you will be paying a slightly higher rate as the chances of fraud are considered greater.


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