I just found out that they sell double ply impact paper for the Nurit 2070 so you don't have to ever use ribbons again.
I just had to send it in for repair because changing the ribbon has always been a pain in the... and this time I screwed up the paper feed because the ribbon wouldn't go in correctly. Maybe you're not aware of it but the 2070 can take double ply impact paper. It produces a white copy for you and a yellow copy for the customer, just like the regular paper we've used for years (which was only impact on the yellow part). By using this paper, you no longer have to have a ribbon in the machine.

Replacing the rechargeable battery in my Nurit 2070
which is now discontinued

Nurit 2070 with rechargeable battery
Nurit 2070 with original rechargeable battery
Because of our web design business I've been able to cut back on art shows and have only attended four in 2001. The battery in my Nurit 2070 (radio) credit card machine died from lack of use and wouldn't hold a charge. The original battery was a 7.2 volt 1200 mAh Ni-cad. For $29.99, I was able to purchase a 7.2 volt 2000 mAh battery with a charger from Radio Shack. Additionally I was also able to purchase a connector repair kit for $1.99 to replace the connector inside the Nurit. The result of this is a battery that will last 50% longer and can be charged in my hotel without carrying the credit card machine and the HEAVY AC adapter, which was needed to charge the battery internally. Radio Shack also has a 3000 mAh battery which I'll purchase when I need an backup.

The Radio Shack part numbers are:
Battery Pack and Charger: 23-322
Connector Repair Kit: 23-445

Battery and Chrager from Radio Shack

The black battery and charger are the Radio Shack parts I'm using to replace the white battery that originally came with the Nurit 2070.
Be aware, you will probably void your warrantee by cutting and replacing the internal connector. But since you've probably already had the machine past it's warrantee period it doesn't matter. Also be aware that because of the different sizes of the connectors, it's a tight fit in the bottom compartment.
Modifications are done at your own risk and I take no responsibility for damage due to these instructions.

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