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The Digital eJury System

Benefit from Understanding the Process
By Chris Maher and Larry Berman

For many years, juries for events like the Smithsonian Craft Show relied on slide projectors to view the work of potential exhibitors. Sets of images would be projected in a dark room, while someone would read the description provided by the craftsperson over the background hum of projector cooling fans. This process had many inherent problems. Some images might be more in focus than others and the color temperature and brightness of bulbs in the projectors could vary widely. The pace of viewing and judging was necessarily brisk, with each set of images being shown for a very limited period of time. The ability to review and reflect on the work by individual jurors was hampered by the inflexibility of the multi projector system. Your only chance to make your impression was within the few seconds your work was on screen. The introduction of digital technology has positively affected many of these issues, providing benefits for both juror and applicant.
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other art show jury reviews

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