RocknRoller Multi-Cart Desk

The design of the RocknRoller makes this a very logical thing to do, especially if you have limited room in your vehicle. The RocknRoller has two handles that lift up. They even sell an adjustable length shelf for it for about $50, but the shelf is almost as heavy as the cart itself. I prefer the All-Terrain RocknRoller because it can also roll over grass and gravel.

I had this carpet covered wood shelf in the garage from an older display, maybe from a shelf under an Armstrong print box. You can see how the Velcro tabs fastened the shelf to the top of the RocknRoller handles (below).

I had Velcro sewn around the edge of black fabric to cover the side of the cart facing the area of my display where the public will be looking at the work. The Velcro attaches to the carpet.

I purchased my All-Terrain RocknRoller from B&H Photo. B&H is the largest and most reliable photo equipment dealer. I've been ordering from them for almost forty years.

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