The Repairman

How much do you know about the people who enjoy walking art shows and buying your art?
A few months ago we had a repairman come to fix our dishwasher and I photographed him for my visitors project and sent him a print. Then one day we came home and there was a note on the door from the repairman, wanting me to come to his house and photograph his flowers. His passion in life is planting flowers on his property and watching them blossom, sometimes staying up until 1:00AM watering them. He chooses flowers based on color and their growing cycle and plans their relationship to the flowers that surround them.

We talked about art shows and he told me about the piece that got away. About 25 years ago at the Shadyside art show, he saw a mosaic tile piece of a carousel and the horses looked like they were alive. He thought about it while walking the show and when he went back to purchase it, he found out that he was about ten minutes too late, it had just been sold.
For about an hours worth of photography, we had our dryer completely rebuilt and itís like new again. And I made a new friend.


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