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What are QR Codes
A QR Code, or quick response code, is a two dimensional bar code identification system developed by the auto industry in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. The QR bar code can hold an enormous amount of data, over 4,000 characters in a mix of letters and numbers. There are free applications for smart phones and tablets (that have built in cameras) that read QR Codes. And there are web sites that can generate QR Codes for free.

How does your web site look on a smart phone
Is it simple for people to view the home page and then navigate to where they want to go? The iPhone 4S has a resolution of 960x640 pixels. Older iPhone screens have less resolution. That 960x640 pixels are within a three and a half inch diagonal screen, so anything looked at needs to be relatively easy to see.
I suggest creating an entry page for your web site that looks good on a smart phone screen. The page URL can be any length. The only thing to worry about is that the elements are simple and logical and that all images are links, because it's easier to click on an image than to try and read small text on a smart phone. For example I created a new home page that looks good on my iPhone on LarryBerman.com. The QR Codes below even work if you point your smart phone at this web page.

when scanned with a QR Code reader app, the QR Code above takes you to LarryBerman.com

when scanned with a QR Code reader app, the QR Code above dials my phone number 412-401-8100

Promoting your web site
You can add a QR code to your business cards, all printed material you give out in your booth and even on your booth sign, which could already be your web site URL. If you have pictures of your artwork hanging in your booth, add a QR code to the bottom corner. The customer's smart phone camera has to get a few inches away for the code to fill the frame with the built in camera, but even if they can't reach the QR Code on the back wall, it will still generate interest. I also recommend creating a sign that says "bookmark my web site" with the web site URL and QR Code underneath, and hang it out front so potential customers can bookmark your web site when browsing in your booth. Or at the very least, each time you hand out a business card, suggest to the person they should scan your QR Code with their smart phone and bookmark your web site.
web site that generates QR Codes:
I use the free app QRafter on my iPhone and iPad.



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