Pro Panels for Rent in Pittsburgh

Display Rental in Pittsburgh
Display rental for any event in the Pittsburgh area where you need to display or sell artwork.

These panels are available for the Three Rivers Art Festival in June, Fair in the Park in September, or any other event in the Pittsburgh area. These panels will work for any event where you need to display art and they give you a professional looking presentation.

Call 412-401-8100 for more information

I'm available to photograph your art or photograph your booth, before, after or during all Pittsburgh shows

Pro Panels are the standard in art show display panels to give your booth a gallery look. I now have 2 sets of nine (plus additional panels) 38.5 inch gray panels, 7 foot tall, to rent locally in the Pittsburgh area. Rental cost for one set for one event starts at $300. In some cases I can deliver the panels, help you hang the art, and pick them up at the end of the event. Framed artwork should be wired. Unframed artwork can hang using the rough side of adhesive backed Velcro which adheres to the panels. And because I have multiple sets of panels I can rent them for two events simultaneously.

Call 412-401-8100 for more information

Rental can also include clip on lights for outdoor events for an additional $50. For indoor events, black arm lamps are available for rent for an additional $100. They drop into the top corner of each panel. Panels come with stabilizer bars and hangers. Nine panels make a full three walled 10x10 booth. Perfect for flat art (2D) or as a backdrop for 3D work. I also have a matching desk and bin for unframed art. Please call me for a quote for adding either or both to your panel rental. If I'm delivering or picking the panels up, parking fees (if necessary) are added to the rental price.

A similar type table top display is also available if you scroll down.


The panels are also suitable for any other type of event where artwork needs to be displayed. All together nine panels provide 30 linear feet of display if only one side is used. They are self supporting so under the right circumstances, 60 linear feet of display is possible using both sides of each panel. In the above picture, the panels span over 22 feet along the wall with wings to support the display and for additional artwork. They were used to display religious icons for a silent auction at Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Pittsburgh. I've also rented display panels for various events at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh for artwork to be hung in the lobby.

Call 412-401-8100 for more information
The person or organization renting the panels is responsible for any damage.
Pro Panels desk with two shelves (pictured above) in a matching color to the panels. The desk is 33" wide by 12" deep and 36" tall. The shelves are adjustable.
Table top display consisting of four light gray panels 3 foot high and 2 foot wide. Panels can be separated and use in pairs to take up more table space or to make room for something in the middle. Rental for an event is $100 picked up at my house and delivered after the event. For an additional $50 (plus parking fees), I can deliver it and pick it up. It comes in it's own carrying case.
Call 412-401-8100 for more information
Pittsburgh shows include the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Fair in the Park in Mellon Park and the Howard Alan Shadyside show. If you're planning on doing Howard Alan's Shadyside show, they have a company that travels with them and rents tents and Pro Panels so there's no need to rent panels from me. Contact Howard Alan for rental information.

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