Artist Statement
Article about yourself ready to be published
8x10 image files of your artwork
8x10 image file of you working
8x10 head shot image file
Pictures (scans) of tear sheets of articles about you
The Press Kit should be available on a CD. And if you have a web site, you can make it available as a downloadable (Zip file) file. That way, if a show asks for images for promotion, all you have to do is provide a link by e-mail for them to download it. Providing a show with a press kit will give you a better chance of getting pictures of your artwork in front of potential buyers. Besides the show's promotion, there are usually local publications that ask for artist profiles, and busy editors may publish your article to save the time it would take writing their own. For example, I was featured in Art Business News by providing an article I had written about myself.
What are high resolution images
Resolution (PPI or DPI) or pixel density isn't a factor in image size requirements. Sometimes a show will ask for digital images stating that they want high resolution 300 DPI images but giving no pixel dimensions. In actuality, the only specifications that are important are the pixel dimensions of an image because resolution can be changed non-destructively in Photoshop without even changing the file size. In fact digital cameras do not capture pixels per inch, only actual pixels.
I consider high resolution to be 2400 pixels long dimension or larger. 2400 pixels will print 8 inches at 300PPI (pixels per inch), the resolution most printing requires. For example, a high quality 8x10 print would be 2400x3000 pixels.
A quick way to determine the size an image can be printed is to divide the pixel dimensions by 300. That's how we get an 8x10 print from 2400x3000 actual pixels.
So what did I provide Betsy Kube for the artist whose images were to be used for promotion? I provided maximum quality JPEGs from the full size corrected image files I had worked on. That way there was no limit to how the images could be used by the show.
Providing a show with a press kit will give you a better chance of getting pictures of your artwork in front of potential buyers.

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