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Changing an Indoor Booth to an Outdoor Booth

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Recently some shows have been getting more specific with their image requirements on their applications. For example anyone who applied to the St Louis Art Fair in 2010 was asked to submit an image of an outdoor booth. Other art shows that have been more specific in their instructions are Bayou City and Belleville. I fear that this is a growing trend and will force artists to have multiple booth pictures in their ZAPP and JAS profiles.
In the first picture, the artist had their booth photographed at an indoor show and sent it to me to improve the color and clean up the top. After improving the color, I filled in the top of the image with solid black where all the distracting lighting was. For the third image, I added a canopy from one of my old booth images that had been shot from a similar angle. A little adjusting and everything matched. For this to be possible with your own booth image, the angle needs to match and the floor needs to be believable for both the indoor and outdoor booth.

original indoor booth image

corrected indoor booth image

indoor booth image magically changed into an outdoor booth image


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